Would you like to have…..

Less stress and more balance in your life?

A deeper understanding about what your beloved pet is trying to tell you?


If you are having a difficult time understanding your pet or feeling overwhelmed with the stress in your life you have come to the right place!  Trisha is known for her compassionate caring nature and her clients report feeling relaxed and at peace after a session with her.  Trisha is a gifted Intuitive and Animal Communicator and facilitates deep healing and improved communication for people and their pets.

 For You…

~ Learn to stay centered and grounded even when chaos comes to visit
~ Have more energy and zest for life
~ Find your true calling and purpose in life
~ Finally be at peace with yourself and your relationships

For Your Pets…

~ Find out what your pet is thinking
~ Zero in on any health conditions
~ Receive valuable tools to improve your relationship
~ Understand how your behavior affects your pets


Contact Trisha today to see how she can help support you and your pets achieve balance and peace.  Trisha is available for in person or telephone consultations.


Phone: 206.618.8601
E-mail: info@trishamoore.com